Sunday, May 8, 2016

Sharing or not sharing a donor story

We're very open with our/kids story.  Everyone that asks is told. A lot of my family "forget" not intentionally, but just they're our kids, no one thinks anything of it.  It's not like every day we talk about our donor.  We have a prayer book I made my daughter when she was 1 that's basically pictures of the most important people in our lives which includes our donor and her family.  We also don't pray nightly or anything but when we do, she's included in those prayers.  I also made the story of how each of our daughters came to be,  why we used a donor, who she is, my pregnancy, and their births.  Being a child of a donor is such a very very small part of our day to day lives but such a huge important thing in our (especially my and hub's) lives that I don't know how we would (or why we would) keep it a secret,  especially from our girls.  We also have the pea that was me egg donor book. It is one we do read regularly but mostly because it's such a good book.  It has a space in the front to write the child's name so we have one for each of our kids.

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